Tri-Fab Steel Inc.

Tri-Fab Steel, a family owned and operated company, has been providing customer satisfaction at competitive prices since 1971.
The bulk of Tri-Fab’s work is in heavy industrial carbon and heavy metal. We are familiar with all types of bins, ducts, hoppers and structural heavy metal fabrication.
Tri-Fab Steel routinely works with design drawings to furnish shop details, erection prints, and all related hardware as may be required for a complete installation. Tri-Fab works on small and large projects ranging from just a few tons to up to 500 tons.
Industrial Metal Work - Iron in Birmingham, AL
Large Metal Work - Iron in Birmingham, AL
Industrial Steel - Iron in Birmingham, AL

Tri-Fab Steel Services

  • Custom Carbon/Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication
  • Carbon/Stainless Steel Brake Forming
  • Carbon/Stainless Steel Shearing
  • Heavy Plate Forming
  • Heavy Plate Cutting - Plate Rolling
  • Bending - Forming - Formed Channels
  • In House Detailing
  • Aluminum Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Assembly
  • Structural Construction
  • Duct Work Fabrication
  • Hopper Fabrication

Our Clients

Over the years we have collaborated with companies like yours to fabricate many exceptional projects for all varieties of industrial, commercial and retail projects. Fabricating in sheet metal, heavy metal, aluminum or steel, coupled with our industrial expertise has allowed us to compile an extremely broad portfolio.
Offering high quality, high precision, cost conscious, and fast delivery from Tri-Fab Steel metal fabrication job shop to your exact specifications. Intricate, complex, low to high heavy metal fabrication is our specialty.
Red Steel Machinery - Iron in Birmingham, AL
Truck Carrying Machinery - Iron in Birmingham, AL
Machinery on Truck - Iron in Birmingham, AL